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Practising the dharma creatively is an art itself. When we allow the imagination to run freely in ways that are not necessarily predictable, logical or rational what we see is a response from our whole being, from the heart.

In this newsletter, we’ll be exploring the many ways in which meditation can be an aesthetically rich and personally fulfilling way of practising the dharma, a creative way, and what that means in our everyday life.

We’ll also be looking at what happens when we bring a meditative, or contemplative, sensibility into our practice of art.


In plain English

These newsletters will be in plain English with as little jargon as possible so that more people can understand it – in particular those whose first language isn’t English.


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When you subscribe to Creative Dharma, a newsletter, you’ll have access to the website and every second month a newsletter will go directly into your Inbox.

And you’ll be part of a friendly community of creative people who are exploring the dharma, getting to know themselves, and engaging in the world in a refreshingly creative way.


Free or paid?

If you like what you see, please take out a paid subscription. We will be giving away every dollar of the subscription income that we receive.

Our intention is to support those who bring together a creative approach to the dharma with a meditative approach to art. Artists, writers, film makers, poets, musicians, and more. We also intend to support events, communities, and individuals that have an approach which fits broadly within the art of a secular dharma.

To ensure that this newsletter project survives and thrives, during one month of the year we will run a fundraiser, the aim of which is to cover our production costs.


The team

A Tuwhiri Project initiative, this newsletter is brought to you by Brad Parks in Santa Barbara, California, USA, Ramsey Margolis in Wellington, Aotearoa New Zealand, and Ronn Smith in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA.

We’re keen to see how this develops; do please send us your thoughts and questions. ⁂

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Looking at how we might use creativity in our meditation practice, and bring meditative sensibility into our artistic practice.


Creative Dharma

Through this newsletter, Ramsey Margolis and others are taking creativity into meditation practice + meditative sensibility into the arts.

Brad Parks

Collaborator on Creative Dharma